Academy History

Welcome to The Best Music Lessons Corporation a professional music schools for the community. The Best Music Lessons has been founded in 1995 with 15 students and a faculty of 2 with the first school emerging in North York, then later in Markham and Maple and now has over 500 students and a faculty of over 15 offering classes and programs in variety of musical instruments, as well as voice, Kids Rock Bands, ensembles, theory, composition and improvisation classes.

The Best Music Lessons Corporation welcomes students at all ages and levels, whether they are absolute beginners or advanced musicians. Many TBML students take lessons simply for the joy of learning to make music. Others are seriously dedicated musicians who are studying music full-time and working toward careers in music.

A music education is an education that lasts a lifetime- it completely alters a child’s mind and gives root to endless learning potential. Research studies have shown that music education improves all areas of cognition- from logic and analysis to language and memory skills. In addition, music allows for creative self-expression and a strong sense of confidence that children carry with themselves every day.

Most high school principals state that children and adolescents who study music are more likely to stay away from negative influences. As a general rule, they are respectful, socialized and well disciplined.

The pride of our school is our excellent faculty and passion for successful music education. All our teachers are highly qualified both within musical academia and live performing experience. All our teachers are required to obtain their police report and carry it with them at all times during their scheduled work shifts. Our objective is to provide students with a musical education that is grounded in sound technical and pedagogical principles, all the while, and most importantly, encouraging the students to explore, discover and enjoy their instrument as well as their innate musical creativity - the best music lessons indeed.

Our instructors can guide your child through the RCM program and can offer the right preparatory tools to successfully perform their RCM examination.

Our aim at The Best Music Lessons Corporation is to provide lessons at your maximum convenience that is why our teachers come to your home. All scheduling for the classes is done at your best convenience so that the last thing you have to worry about is remembering to bring your child to the music school. We teach your child in the comfort of their home at the time that’s most convenient with you.