A piano study improves your life skills and is extremely rewarding. When a youngster learns the discipline required for accomplishment, it carries over to their adult life. We mention just a few of the benefits and skills obtained through piano lessons: get to know music, hand-eye coordination, concentration, memory development, and self esteem. Our programs allow us to teach students from three years old to adults, using classical and contemporary methods.

Even a 3 year old can learn to play the piano. There are multiple reasons for enrolling your child in piano studies. As a result of their involvement at an early age, their IQ score on average will be much higher. It teaches responsibility, as well as the ability to follow visual directions. Adults can learn to play piano too! Whether you are experienced, played as a child, or have never played, we will teach you to read music and play the style of music you enjoy most. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical or any style of music you wish!

However, if you are already experienced in music, then we will further your progress. The Professional Keyboard Education Program takes an innovative approach to an instrument that is both deeply traditional and constantly evolving. This unique program combines traditional keyboard performance, with cutting-edge keyboard-based technology. You will develop your keyboard skills and explore a range of contemporary styles including funk, R&B, blues, jazz, rock, fusion, Afro-Cuban style and Brazilian Jazz under the direction of TBML song-writing instructors. For additional information please visit FREE LESSON TIPS page