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Would you say taking RCM exams is a good route to learning the musical instruments or voice for your kids? We think it makes a lot of sense because it gives them something to shoot for as well as credentials that may look good on their resume or future university or college application.

We recommend taking the RCM examinations. One does not need exams to learn how to play musical instrument or sing but having a goal can help your kid to become and stay more focused, motivated and the whole process of preparing for the exam and the rewarding feeling of accomplishment will encourages your kid to practice regularly and advance faster. Playing or singing in class is very important - but the real process of learning takes place out there in the world; when you need to implement what you learned in other environments, stages, auditions, performances, exams etc. These exams are great preparation for auditions!

The RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) Certificate Program is a comprehensive program that encompasses all levels from beginner to certification as an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT), through a curriculum of up to 11 grades. Each grade is a stepping-stone established as a logical assessment point for a developing musician.


Achievement in RCM Examinations is recognized for credit toward secondary school graduation in many school systems in Canada. For most provinces in Canada, a Grade 6 Certificate counts as Grade 10 credit, a Grade 7 Certificate (with a Grade 1 theory certificate) counts as Grade 11 credit, and a Grade 8 (with grade 2 theory) counts as Grade 12 credit. Standing in the Certificate Program of RCM Examinations also plays an important role in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges.

Each year since 1995, the TBML students participate in the internationally recognized Certificate Program of RCM Examinations.

Here, at The Best Music Lessons Corporation we will be happy to help you prepare for your RCM examinations in piano, voice, violin, classical or jazz guitar, drums/percussion and theory.

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