Vocal Classes

Most kids love singing. So what is so important about singing skills?

The contemporary vocal programs are designed to build your technique and stylistic identity as well as confidence in your abilities to perform. Proper vocal training should never hurt your voice, or feel unnatural. Learning to sing properly gradually takes you on a safe and natural path towards building a strong voice without injury or stain. Take the skills you develop in classes directly to the stage, learning not just how to sing, but how to communicate with the audience. TBML vocal instructors will help you to expand the limits of your vocal instrument and explore your individual talent as a vocalist. We will teach you breathing techniques to take care of your voice, finding the materials that suit your vocal diapason. Learn the basic academic musical technique; develop your ability to understand rhythm, melody and basic music theory. For additional information please visit FREE LESSON TIPS page

If you are presently taking singing lessons that feel unnatural or are hurting in anyway, stop immediately and look for a different vocal teacher.